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I never intended this blog to be the place where I washed my dirty laundry or wrote about my emotions, but as everything I do at the moment is bound up with my running, I guess my emotional state is relevant.

I can’t sleep very well at the moment. With the volume of training I am doing I feel physically tired and I usually fall asleep pretty quickly, but I seem to wake up after a couple of hours and then the whirl of work and the things that I haven’t had time to do crowd in and that is that! For the last couple of weeks I have been averaging something like 3 or 4 hours sleep per night. And the worst bit is that I feel my dream slipping away. My training is suffering as a result of my inability to sleep and that in turn creates more anguish and tension and means I am even more stressed when I go to bed at night.

And so this morning, as I was searching the web at 4am as usual, I found a little interview with Angelo Dundee, who coached Mohammad Ali amongst others. Thirty seconds into the interview he said:

“I always had fun. That’s the key. If you have fun at what you do you going to excel at it. If you’re not going to have fun you might as well forget it”

Pow! Another clear and unambiguous statement that hammers home the point that stoically ploughing on at doing something utterly depressing and stressful is not heroic or manful or positive in a ‘stiff upper lip’ sort of way. It is pointless and wasteful.

I need to do something radical. The London marathon is 8 weeks away and after that there is only one more marathon in 2011. Beyond that I might have another year of ‘proper’ running (i.e. trying to improve on my times) but probably not more and that is not long enough to spend another sleepless night. I guess it is up to me now.


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